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Your Company's Success is Based on Your Employee's Happiness!​

It has been estimated that for every dollar spent on Corporate Wellness, businesses get $2.71 dollars back on increased productivity and decreased absenteeism (Harvard Business Review).  Here at Reiki Reinvented, we honor the sacred relationship between employees, their supervisors, and their clients.  We work  harmoniously to provide the mutual happy lifestyle we all need to achieve.  Although we have unique attributes and desires, we all need to be healthy and appreciated to have a joyful work life.  That is our mission.  That is what we do.  That is why we work.

In the Beginning

A Reiki Reinvented certified Reiki Master will come into your business and do a 45 min seminar and 15 min question answer about how to feel better everyday.  Includes mild nutrition, at desk moments and natural energy pick-ups for that 2:30 slump.


Daily Aspirations

For all companies great and small.  This is an email blast to all of your employees with quotes from great leaders or spiritual guides geared to keep up appreciation and remind us of the power of radiance of success in the workplace.


Corporate Couture 

This the ultimate in efficiency.

One of our Reiki experts will analyze your specific business needs and develop a seminar or long term goal to assist you in achieving them.  Prices vary. 

Skype Us

All our Reiki Masters learn distance Reiki in Level three of certification.  With "Skype Me" we provide an "in the beginning" over the internet media any where in the world

$200 and up

Reiki Blast

A 15 to 30 min Reiki blast where we infuse your team with a bolt of Reiki Wellness.  Think of it as a mid day energy massage



Ariel Baker offers an exclusive training person geared for those that truly want to make a difference in the world.  Training is provided for an in house Corporate wellness employee you have provided.  Long term consulting is available.

$499 and up

What our customers are saying

"Your patience is legendary."

Ionie- Ionie's

I'm Still Here.

constant tune-ups

Monthly Service


Per Month

Best Package Offer

1 hr session

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