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Reiki Reinvented

The Ultimate Energy Store

 Think You're a Solid?

This session is for people with zero energy healing knowledge.

This no-touch intro is a master course in connecting with your reciprocal Reiki healing abilities. Heal a "chronic illness", get in touch with more happiness, or connect better with others. Also, other animals benefit from Reiki. Some of my best clients have been cats and dogs.

Time is relative.  It was almost two decades for this business to manifest. Some sessions only need a few minutes. Some, span time.  I ask that you respect your own eternal intuitions with time, as we move forward.

You Are Energy

30 minutes


You Matter

30 minutes


Advanced healing

These sessions are developed for clients that have some experience in alternative healing. This energy is an intense blast that, if willing, takes away or gives you the results you want from the infinite energy source of God's Living Energy, always present (including superpowers). Some hands-on work is available upon request.

Distance sessions are available for clients outside of Sarasota for $15 less per session.

Some of my best work has been abroad.

A healthy body

30 minutes


A healthy world

An Hour


I Can Do It Myself

Indeed!  It is my Life's passion to enhance communication.  I offer attunements (gateways to the various certification levels of Reiki), for you to practice your own Reiki skills on yourself or others.

All attunements require home study prior to attunement.

*Scholarships are available for those with financial need.

*Distance sessions are available anywhere outside Sarasota for a discounted rate.

*Pet sessions are available. Rates to be determined via phone or email.

Reiki 1

Includes Reiki One certification.


Reiki II

Includes Reiki Two certification.



Advanced Reiki (III)

Includes Reiki III certification.


Certified Reiki Master

This is the highest level of Reiki.  It gives You the ability to attune others. Certificate included.


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